The book is dedicated to the XXIIth International Limes Congress held in Ruse, 611 September 2012 on the initiative of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


Table of contents


D. Boteva. Ancient Literary Tradition on Moesi/Moesia (Mid 1st c. BC  Mid 1st c. AD)

R. Ivanov. The Roman Limes in Bulgaria (1st  6 th c. AD)

H. Preshlenov. Barrier and Corridor. The Southwest Black Sea Coast as a Cross-Border Region of

the Imperium Romanum

I. Cholakov. Ancient Economy South of the Lower Danube Limes (the Territory of Present-day

North Bulgaria) Based on Finds of Tools from the Period of the 1st — the Beginning of the 7th c. AD

E. Gencheva. Roman Military Equipment from the Bulgarian Lands (1st  3 rd c. AD)

Z. Dimitrov. Development of the Architectural Orders in the Region of the Lower Danube Limes (1st  3rd c. AD)

R. Milcheva. Roman Portrait Sculpture from the Lower Danube Moesian Limes

I. Tsarov. The aqueducts of the Roman camps on the Lower Danube

P. Vladkova. On the Working of Bone and Horn in Novae

I. Boyanov. Veterans and Society in Lower Moesia and Thrace during the Principate

O. Alexandrov. Roman Army Religion in the Province of Lower Moesia

V. Varbanov. Barbarian Invasions in the Roman Provinces of Lower Moesia and Thrace in the Mid 3rd c. AD and the Coin Hoards from That Period

L. Vagalinski. The Problem of Destruction by Warfare in Late Antiquity: Archaeological Evidence from the Danube Limes

G. Atanassov. Christianity along the Lower Danube Limes in the Roman Provinces of Dacia Ripensis, Moesia Secunda and Scythia Minor (4th  6 th c. AD)

N. Rusev. Burial Rituals in the Period of Late Antiquity on the Territory of the Province of Second Moesia

B. Dumanov. The Late Antique Workshops of Jewellery South of the Lower Danube. Direct and Indirect Evidence of Local Production

S. Torbatov. Trimammium a Roman Castellum and Civitas on the Lower Danube

S. Mihaylov. Life-span of the Settlements in the Provinces of Moesia Secunda and Scythia as Evidenced by Coin Finds (late 5th  early 7th c. AD)

P. Vladkova. A Necropolis by the Fortress of Legio I Italica at Novae

V. Dintchev. The East-Balkan Barrier Wall and the "Gates of Haemus" Complex

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English
Pages 526
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding hardrback
ISBN 978-954-9472-16-5
Creation date 2012
Size 16 х 24 cm

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