Sexaginta Prista • Iatrus: Guide
Сексагинта Приста • Ятрус. Пътеводител
Language: Bulgarian—English (bilingual)
Category: Roman archaeology


Table of contents

Thracian monuments in Ruse region

Sexaginta Prista: Localisation and name

The excavations

Thracian pit sanctuaries (1st century BC — 1st century AD)

The cult complex: A temple of Apollo and the Thracian Horseman (2nd—3rd century)

The Late Antique presidio of Sexaginta Prista

Remains from the Byzantine Period (5th—6th century) and the First Bulgarian Kingdom (9th—11th century)

Remains from the Late Ottoman Period (19th century) and Modern Times (20th century)

The Roman and Early Byzantine castle of Iatrus: Early Roman settlement and road station

The origination of the castle

Location and fortification system

Martial architecture

Transition to a cibilian village


Destruction and final abandonment

The settlement in the Early Middle Ages


Publisher Rousse Regional Museum of History
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 32
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-91968-3-2
Creation date 2007
Size 21 х 14 cm

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