Pavlina Vladkova. Novae: Bone, Horn and Antler Objects
Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English
Novae. Изделия от кост и рог


Table of contents


Data on the technology

Function and classifications of the bone artefacts

Bone and horn used in armament and military equipment

Instruments carved from bone and horn

Toilet belongings

Cosmetic and medical objects and instruments

Accessories and jewels

Bone and horn used in the make and decoration of furniture

Writing or counting objects

Musical instruments

Objects for games and entertainment

Cult objects

Raw material and semi-manufactures articles


Terminological dictionary

Formal description of the combs and pins


Summary in English

Plan of Novae



Publisher Dar-RH
Language Bulgarian with an extended summary in English
Pages 202
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9489-61-3
Creation date 2018
Size 21 x 29 cm

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