Funeral complexes with carts in the Roman province of Thrace (mid 1st3rd c.) (Dissertations. Volume 11). Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English


Table of contents

1. Introduction

1.1. History of the research and relevance of the topic

1.2. Overview of the use of wheeled transport

2. Basic structural elements of the carts from burial complexes

2.1. Two-wheeled carts

2.1.1. Two-wheeled carts with soft suspension

            2.1.2. Two-wheeled carts with hard suspension

2.2. Four-wheeled carts

2.2.1. Four-wheelers with soft suspension

2.2.2. Four-wheeled carts with hard suspension

2.3. Yoke

2.4. Draft horses

2.5. Decoration of the carts

3. Elements of the ritual of laying carts in burial complexes

3.1. Placement of the carts

3.2. Libations and sacrifices

3.3. Ritual killing of carts and objects

3.4. Riding horse and dog

3.5. Findings in the context of the carts

3.5.1. Iron folding stools

3.5.2. Vessels

3.5.3. Bath and hygiene kits

3.5.4. Weaponry

3.6. Purpose, production and chronology of the carts

4. Conclusions



Погребални комплекси с коли в римската провинция Тракия (средата на І – ІІІ в.)

Publisher Национален археологически институт с музей (БАН)
Language Bulgarian with an extended summary in English
Pages 262
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-9472-58-5
ISSN 2603-3097
Creation date 2018
Size 21 х 29 cm

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