The Ancient and Medieval city of Perperikon. Volume 1: The Acropolis
Античният и средновековен град Перперикон. Том I. Акрополът
Category: Ancient archaeology; Medieval archaeology
Language: Bulgarian
—English (bilingual)


   This book is an account or decades of explorations conducted on a grand scale on Perperikon, one of the best-known archaeological sites in Bulgaria. People lived on this famous hill near Kardzhali 7000 years ago in the Late Chalcolithic. A sanctuary was built there to function well into the Bronze and Iron Ages (secondfirst mill. BC). With the Roman conquest a major city was founded there, flourishing in the Medieval period until it fell to the Ottomans in 1362 after a long siege.
   The book goes into detail about, first and foremost, the Ancient and Medieval periods of Perperikon within the city's fortified part, the Acropolis. The structure of the city is established, in the first instance, in the Roman and Late Antique periods to arrive at the conclusion that an unprecedented attempt has been made to develop the ancient urban planning in the challenging semi-mountainous areas of the Eastern Rhodopes. It was then that new streets were laid out and monumental public buildings and houses, temples and fortified strongholds were erected in the Acropolis of Perperikon. With the conversion to Christianity in the early fifth century, remarkable churches were built on the site of pagan temples.
   Life in Perperikon went on even in the period between the early decades of the seventh and the beginning of the ninth century, when the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) had hard times. After the eighteenth or twelfth century, the city enjoyed prosperity once again, evolving into a major medieval centre, over which the Byzantine Empire and the Bulgarian Kingdom waged several wars. The place was desolate by the late fourteenth century, when even the Ottoman garrison left, stationed there after the castle was captured in 1361.
   The book gives a detailed account of the unearthed monumental architecture of all historical periods. Published is also the significant thirteenth-fourteenth-century medieval necropolis. Highly informative are the parts containing over 5000 coins dating from the fifth century BC to the fourteenth century AD; Byzantine lead seals; remarkable ethnographic artefacts. These lend more comprehensiveness and informativeness to the picture of the life in the ancient and medieval city of Perperikon.


Table of contents

I. History and research issues. The palace sanctuary

II. Perperikon in Antiquity

III. The cross rises above Perperikon (5th  early 7th c.)

IV. The Medieval regional centre of Perperikon (9th c.  1361)

V. On the tip of the spear (1361  late 14th c.)

VI. The coins from the acropolis of Perperikon (4th c. BC 14th c. AD)

VII. The Byzantine bullas from the acropolis of Perperikn (10th13th c.)

Varia. The graffiti on the pulpit of the Early Christian church No.2




Publisher Unicart
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 556
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 9786197629040
Creation date 2021
Size 22 х 30 cm

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