The Adzhar Four Gospels 1652: Phototype Edition
Category: Slavic manuscript tradition (15th–18th c.)
Language: English, Bulgarian


   The book consist a full-color fascimilie edition of the Adzhar Four Gospels from 1652. It is the most representative manuscripts of the Adzhar Literary School from the 17th century preserved in Bulgaria.


Table of contents

Phototype edition of the Adzhar Four Gospels

The Adzhar Four Gospels of daskal Nedyalkov from the year 1652
Publisher St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 804
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-523-188-9
Creation date 2023
Size 21 х 29 cm

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