Acta Graeca Simonopetrae (15161821). The Surviving Post-Byzantine Documents of the Athonite Monastery of Simonopetra and its Archival Codices A and B
Language: English

   The book offers the reader a full edition of Simonopetra’s post-Byzantine Greek archives which consist of 75 documents of the period 15161821, 70 loan agreements of the period 18161821, and 5 taxpayer receipts dated to 18191821. However, the most intriguing documents of Simonopetra published in the book are preserved in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem, in Codex no. 370 of the Manuscript Collection of Panagios Taphos. The author is also publishing two Slavic Wallachian charters concerning the Simonopetritan dependency in Bucharest, the first of them being the chrysobull which the Wallachian ruler Michael the Brave (Viteazul) promulgated in August 1599, when he donated to Simonopetra the recently founded Bucharestan monastery of St. Nicholas, later known as Michael Voda. Last but not least, the monograph provides to the reader the texts of Archival Codices A and B of Simonopetra.


Table of contents


Abbreviations of Bibliography

The Greek Archives of Simonopetra

Structure of Simonopetra’s Archives and the Documents of the Period 15161800

The 19th Century Archives of Simonopetra,

Summary of the Content of Simonopetra’s Archives from 1822 to 1850

Chronology of the Monastery of Simonopetra from 1516 to 1821

The Greek Documents of Simonopetra

Documents of Simonopetra Preserved in a Manuscript of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem

Documents of the Period 15161821 Kept in the Archives of Simonopetra

Two Slavic Charters of the Rulers of Wallachia Promulgated for the Simonopetritan Dependency of Michael Voda in Bucharest (15991663)

Simonopetra’s Loan Agreements of the Period 18161821

Taxpayer Receipts (Tachvilia) of Simonopetra from the Period 18201821

Comparative Tables for the Loans

Archival Codex A of Simonopetra

Archival Codex B of Simonopetra




Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language English
Pages 672
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-07-5440-6
Creation date 2022
Size 16 х 24 cm

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