Proceedings of a conference organized by the Historical museum of Nova Zagora, 2021 November 1996, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria


Table of contents /summaries/


T. Kancheva-Ruseva. Archaeological investigations of prehistoric objects in Nova Zagora region

V. Nikolov. Stratigraphic position of the Neolithic layers Karanovo IIIII, III and IIIIV in the prehistoric settlements in Nova Zagora region

P. Kalchev. Open prehistoric settlement from the Late Neolithic near the village of Khan Asparouhovo, Stara Zagora region

K. Kanchev. On some traditions in the prehistoric ceramic production in Southern Bulgaria

R. Katincharov. Excavations of prehistoric settlements in Nova Zagora region and their importance to the studying of the Bronze Age in Bulgaria

K. Leshtakov. Early Bronze Age potter from some sites in the region of Nova Zagora

V. Ignatov. Study of antiquities in Nova Zagora region

G. Kovachev. Thracian cults in the region of Nova Zagora (1st4th c.)

D. Jankov. Hippo-Sandals from the museums in Stara Zagora and Nova Zagora

H. Bouyukliev. The East gates of the Late Antique stronghold “Karasura” near the village of Rupktie, Chirpan region

K. Velkov. Medieval monuments from the Northern part of Nova Zagora region

P. Georgiev. The BulgarianByzantine border during the rule of khan Omurtag and Erkesia

B. Borisov. Study of Medieval settlements and necropolises in Nova Zagora region

G. Ribarov. The animals in the life of the inhabitants of the antique (IIVI c.) and medieval (IXXII c.) settlement at the village of Karanovo, Nova Zagora region

Epigraphic, Numismatic and Sphragistic

D. Nikolov. Tombstone from Augusta Trayana

I. Prokopov, M. Minkova. Coins III BC from the collection of Stara Zagora museum of History

I. Yordanov. Medieval sphragistic materials from Nova Zagora region

Modern History

N. Kanev. Nova Zagora in the reconnaissance and military operation plans of the Russian command in the summer of 1877

S. Rusev. Nova Zagora in aspect of economy after the Liberation

V. Marinova. Town building and health services in Nova Zagora and their district (18781914)

J. Kolev. Nova Zagora district in economic and social aspect (19011915)

M. Kalcheva. 32 Infantry division during the Balkan war and the War of the allies 19121913

E. Ivanova. The economic in Nova Zagora district based on data of the Regional chamber of commerce in Stara Zagora

S. Doinov. The war of Liberation (18771877) in the political fate of the Bulgarians

R. Ingieva. Kazanlak and the Winter offensive in the Russian army

N. Kanev. The second liberation of Stara Zagora

S. Rousev. Nova Zagora on the Winter offensive of the Russian army towards Odrin in January 1878

D. Cholakova. The offensive operations of XI Corps from the Russian army into the direction of Tvarditsa-Sliven in the beginning of 1878

H. Jekova. The Don-Cossack regiment and the liberation of Yambol

H. Hristov. The liberation of Elhovo

R. Petkova. Volunteers from Nova Zagora and the region


Археологически и исторически проучвания в Новозагорско. Том 1

Publisher Geo press
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 272
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
Creation date 1999
Size 16 x 24 cm

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