Vasil Stoilov: The Creation of Man
Васил Стоилов — създаването на човека
Category: Visual arts

Language: Bulgarian


   Vasil Stoilov was born on February 29, 1904 in the village of Poduene (today a district of Sofia). In 1922, he graduated from the First Boys' High School and continued his education at the Art Academy, majoring in painting in the class of Prof. Tseno Todorov. Already with his graduation work - the painting "Gostenka", in 1927 Stoilov received the recognition of the art critics. In 1928, he participated in a competition of the Ministry of Public Education: for the painting "The Miraculous Icon", the young talented artist was awarded a one-year scholarship for specialization in France. The experience of almost four years in this world center of art gave Stoilov the necessary experience and self-confidence - he painted numerous portraits and landscapes for his patrons, participated in prestigious exhibitions, including the Autumn Salon of the Grand Palais, the Figaro Gallery, a solo exhibition in the gallery "Henri Manuel" of Montmartre. In 1932 he was invited to participate in the collective exhibition of the Society of French Artists, where he won a prize for the painting "The Peasant with the Pitcher". Vasil Stoilov held dozens of solo exhibitions until the end of his life, participated in many national and international collective exhibitions. His canvases are diverse in terms of genres and subjects - domestic painting, interior, still life, landscape, portrait. His preferred technique is watercolor, and his works are distinguished by realistic drawing, monochrome coloring, attention to detail and a tangible psychological state of the subject. Vasil Stoilov's paintings are owned by galleries and private collectors all over the world. He has received great public recognition and many state awards. In 1989, he held his last exhibition at Shipka 6. In the same year, his works were presented at a solo exhibition in Tokyo, and later a hall with his permanent exhibition was opened in Japan. Vasil Stoilov died on February 13, 1990 in Sofia.
Publisher Zaharij Stoyanov
Language Bulgarian
Pages 124
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-09-1811-2
Creation date 2024
Size 21 х 24 cm

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