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Chapter I. Introduction. Structure of the field work. Documentation and archive

Chapter II. Quaternary paleogeographic interpretation and geomorphological environment of Early Neolithic Yabalkovo

Chapter III. Soil analysis in archaeological research. Yabalkovo case study

Chapter IV. Geophysical survey at the Early Neolithic settlement of Yabalkovo

Chapter V. Cultural environment of Early Neolithic Yabalkovo

Chapter VI. Chronicles of the excavations

Chapter VII. Settlement topography

VII. 1. Early Neolithic subterranean structures (pits and ditches). An introduction

VII. 2. Early Neolithic ditches

VII. 2. 1. Early Neolithic ditches in Sector North. Stratigraphy

VII. 2. 2. Early Neolithic ditches in northern part of Sector Southwest. Stratigraphy

VII. 2. 3. Early Neolithic ditches in southern part of Sector Southwest. Stratigraphy

VII. 3. Early Neolithic pits

Chapter VIII. The Early Neolithic burials: an оverview

Chapter IX. The Early Neolithic pottery from Yabalkovo. An interim report

Chapter X. Early Neolithic small finds from Yabalkovo

X. 1. Small finds. Introduction

X. 2. Stone tools

X. 3. Chipped-stone industry

X. 4. Flint assemblage: formal toolkit and functional connotation

X. 5. Bone and antler artefacts. Preliminary analysis

X. 6. Loom weights

 X. 7. Ornaments

Chapter XI. Plant Husbandry of Early Neolithic Yabalkovo

Chapter XII. Faunal remains from Early Neolithic Yabalkovo

XII. 1 Bone remains from domestic and wild animals

XII. 2. Molluscs

Chapter XIII. Red ochre

Chapter XIV. Stable isotope analyses and AMS dating of human and faunal remains

Chapter XV. Yabalkovo’s radiocarbon dates and the spread of agriculture

Chapter XVI. Post-Neolithic periods at Yabalkovo

XVI. 1. Ditch from the Early Bronze Age 3, Sector North

XVI. 2. Bronze lion figurine from a LIA pit, Sector North

XVI. 3. Late Roman ceramic kiln, Sector North

XVI. 4. Byzantine gold coins from Yabalkovo

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Publisher ATE – Ars et Technica Explicatus / Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
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Pages 488
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
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Creation date 2014
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