The Occurrence of Plovdiv presented by the scientific drawing of Prof. Peter Detev
Възникването на Пловдив, представено от научните илюстрации на Петър Детев
Language: Bulgarian—English (bilingual)
Category: Prehistory


     The bilingual catalog presents some of the scientific drawings made by Bulgarian archaeologist Prof. Peter Detev (1900—1980), dedicated to the prehistoric researches of town of Plovdiv.


Table of contents

Terrains and situation

A materials for Plovdiv prehistiory

The evidence

Nebet tepe

Excavations at Yassa tepe 2, Lauta, Plovdiv

From diary of excavations

I. Terrains, location and situation

II. Construction and architecture

III. Working tools


Stone tools

Bone working

IV. Ceramic production

Applications in the house building

Pottery for preserving and producing food

Table wares

V. Everyday’s life of the oldest European culture

VI. Prehistoric art

Art of the sacred

The Great Mother-Goddess

The founders of Plovdiv

The first Rhyton

The cult tables

Rituals. The cult to the home fireplace

VII. Ornaments  ideograms

Semantic signs

VIII. Interior

IX. Spiritual culture

Petar Detev's diary of excavations in 1969



Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 138
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 3681469169741697
Creation date 2015
Size 21 x 14 cm

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