Table of contents

J. Demoule. Marion Lichardus-Itten: une vie d'archeologue

D. Takorova. The natural environment in the process of neolithization of the Eastern and Central Balkans

J. Demoule. Vingt cinq années a Kovačevo: leҫons d’une fouille

L. Salanova. Ceramic assemblages and chronology: problems and solutions for the Early Neolithic settlement of Kovačevo (Bulgaria)

M. Grębska-Kulova. Les autels de Néolithique ancien de Kovačevo

I. Sidéra. Fabriquer des cuillers en os: L’exemple de Kovačevo

L. Pernicheva, I. Kulov. A clay altar from the Early Neolithic site at Kovačevo, near Sandanski

M. Gurova. Early Neolithic site of Kovačevo: a case study of 'Balkan flint' formal toolkit

M. Ozdogan. Polychrome early Neolithic painted pottery at Aşagi Pinar

V. Nikolov. A reinterpretation of Neolithic complexes with dug-out features: pit sanctuaries

O. Weller, R. Brigand, L. Nuninger, G. Dumitroaia. Prehistoric salt exploitation in Eastern Carpathians (Romania): a spatial approach

H. Todorova. Die überregionalen komplexen Gemeinschaften, Kulturblöcke und ökologischen Krisen in der Urgeschichte im Raum der unteren Donau (VII-I Jahrtausend v. Chr.) 

D. Malamidou. Late Neolithic black-on-red painted pottery production and distribution in Eastern Macedonia, Greece

R. Gleser. Radiokarbondaten aus Drama: Stand der Forschungen bis zum Jahre 2010

Y. Boyadzhiev. Ethnocultural interrelationships in the Lower Danube area during the second half of the sixth and the first half of the fifth millennium BC (according to evidence from cemeteries)

L. Manolakakis. A flint deposit, a tell and a shaft: a lithic production complex at Ravno 3 - Kamenovo? (Early Chalcolithic, North-East Bulgaria)

I. Zalai-Gaál. Auf den Spuren von Mόr Wosinsky: Probegrabungen auf dem "prähistorischen Schanzwerk" von Lengyel

K. Boyadzhiev. Development and distribution of close combat weapons in Bulgarian Chalcolithic

V. Becker. Chalcolithic clay stamps from Bulgaria

P. Kalchev. A Late Chalcolithic burial at Rupki, near Stara Zagora

V. Petrova. Main characteristics and development of graphite ornamentation during the Late Chalcolithic in Thrace 

M. Thomas. Frühbronzezeitliche Lappengefäße aus Sudostbulgarien 

I. Kulov. Early Bronze Age pottery from the prehistoric settlement of Kovacevo, near Sandanski, southwest Bulgaria 

I. Iliev. The Pit Grave culture in the lower Tundzha valley 

Kr. Bacvarov, K. McSweeney. "Potted babies": a bioarchaeological approach to the study of jar burial symbolism


Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English, German, French
Pages 408
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0204-9880
Creation date 2011
Size 16 x 24 cm

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