Specialized salt production at Provadia-Solnitsata in the 6th and 5th Millennia BC and its socio-economic implications
Специализираното производство на сол в Провадия-Солницата през VI и V хил. пр. Хр. и обществено-икономическото му въздействие
Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English
Category: Prehistory


   The archaeological site of Provadia-Solnitsata is a very large prehistoric complex near the modern town of Provadia in mortheastn Bulgaria. The complex was created and inhabited by the earliest salt producers in Europe during the 6th and 5th millennium BC. Throughout the late prehistory that population held a monopoly on the salt distribution over a vast region from the Carpathians to the Aegean and from the Black Sea to the Central Balkans. And because life is impossible without salt, salt producers have been very wealthy thanks to the long-distance trade. The specialized production of table salt causes significant social changes, including a clear hierarchization of society in the region of the Provadia River and the Varna Lakes, which is reflected in the "golden" Chalcolithic necropolis at Varna. It seems that in this region the complex prehistoric society arose and developed for the first time in Europe, and Provadia-Solnitsa emerged as the earliest prehistoric urban center of the old continent.


Table of contents


I. Специализирано производство на сол в праисторическия коплекс Провадия-Солницата
I. Specialized salt production at the prehistoric complex of Provadia-Solnitsata

Производство на сол в селището (първи етап на късния неолит)
Salt production within the settlement (First phase of the Late Neolithic)

Възникване на производствен солодобивен комплекс извън селището (втори етап на късния неолит)
Emergence of a salt-production center outside the settlement (Second phase of the Late Neolithic)

Към по-продуктивни солодобивни съоръжения в производствения комплекс (ранен халколит)
Development of more productive salt-making installations at the production center (Early Copper Age)

Високопродуктивен добив на сол в производствения комплекс (среден и късен халколит)
High-capacity salt making at the production center (Middle and Late Cooper Age)

Съоръжение за добив на сол в периферията на селището (втора половина на късния халколит)
Salt-making installation on the settlement’s periphery (Second half of the Late Copper Age)


II. Провадия-Солницата в контекста на обществено-икономическото въздействие от специализираното производство на сол
II. Provadia-Solnitsata in the context of the socio-economic implications of specialized salt production

Обредни структури в неолитно-халколитния производствен комплекс
Ritual features at the Neolithic and Chalcolithic production complex

„Реална“ и „престижна“ икономичка
“Real” economy and economy of “prestige”

Търговия на далечни разстояния
Long-distance trade

Първата каменна крепост в Европа
The fist stone citadel in Europe

Възникване на праисторическия градски център Провадия-Солницата
Emergence of the prehistoric urban center at Provadia-Solnitsata

Общество и обществени отношения в региона на Провадия-Солницата и Варненските езера във втората и третата четвърт на V хил. пр. Хр.
Society and social relation in the area of Provadia-Solnitsata and Varna Lakes in the second and third quarters of the 5th Millennium BC


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Publisher Zaharij Stoyanov
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
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Creation date 2021
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