Southeast Europe and Anatolia in prehistory: Essays in honor of Vassil Nikolov on his 65th anniversary (Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie. Band 293)
Language: English, German
Table of contents

K. Bacvarov, R. Gleser. Editorial

Publications of Vassil Nikolov

S. Sirakova. Chipped stone assemblages from an archaeological field survey in the area of Silistra, Northeast Bulgaria

P. Biagi, E. Starnini. The exploitation of the highland zones: the earliest Mesolithic hunters of the central Alpine arc

C. Bonsall, A. Boroneanţ, A. Simalcsik, T. Higham. Radiocarbon dating of Mesolithic burials from Ostrovul Corbului, Southwest Romania

M. Özdoğan. The earliest farmers of Europe. Where did they come from?

J. Yakar. The nature and extent of Neolithic Anatolia’s contribution to the emergence of farming communities in the Balkans  an overview

B. Erdoğu. Neolithic housing in Western Anatolia

R. Gleser. Beginnings revisited again: about the inversion of the sequence of manufacturing, the origins of early weaving and the vertical warp-weighted loom

A. Reingruber. Coastal and riverine Thrace during the Mesolithic and the Neolithic

N. Efstratiou. Archaeological visibility and early farming habitation patterns in coastal Thrace (Greece) – an overview

S. Kotsos, D. Kotsou. Langadas basin and the Neolithic settlement of Mikri Volvi

M. Itten, J.-P. Demoule. Marmorplastik aus der frühneolithischen Siedlung in Kovačevo (Südwest-Bulgarien)

D. Takorova.Red on red: between white- and dark painted pottery in the Struma River Valley and Sofia Basin

K. Bacvarov, N. Todorova, G. Katsarov, V. Petrova, K. McSweeney. The dead and the nested pots: An Early Neolithic ditch burial at Nova Nadezhda, Bulgarian Thrace

M. Gurova. Prehistoric sickles in the collection of the National Museum of Archaeology in Sofia

M. Spataro. Playing with colours: understanding the chaîne opératoire of the earliest red monochrome and white-on-red painted ware of the central  Balkans

G. Naumov. Among wetlands and lakes: the network of Neolithic communities in Pelagonia and Lake Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

S. Vitezović. Bos and the bone spoon revisited: spatula-spoons in the Starčevo culture

L. Salanova. Economy, mobility and residential patterns in Southwest Bulgaria in the mid-6th millennium BC

D. Andreeva. The Middle Neolithic Karanovo IIIII period at the site of Kalitinovo, Stara Zagora District, Southern Bulgaria

Z. Tsirtsoni. F. Bourguignon. Late Neolithic ceramic lamps: new evidence from Northern Greece

M. Grębska., I. Kulov. Clay object with incised signs from Damyanitsa, Southwest Bulgaria

M. Lyuncheva. Development of Karanovo IV ceramic traditions at Tell Karanovo

R. Krauß. Zur Symbolik des Rindes im europäischen Neolithikum

G. Samichkova, M. Valentinova. Sites of the transition period between the Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic in the Middle Osam and Vit River Valleys

K. Boyadzhiev. Warfare in the Chalcolithic of Bulgaria

R. Echt. Keramikstil und kulturelle Identität. Eine Untersuchung auf Nanoebene am Beispiel des Objekts 380 der Karanovo-VI-Siedlung Drama-Merdžumekja

F. Fecht. Tönerne Hausmodelle auf Füßchen  Abbilder der Wirklichkeit oder Fiktion?

V. Becker. The go(o)d of small things: house abandonment and deliberate house-burning in Chalcolithic Thrace

C. Lichter. Burning down the house  Fakt oder Fiktion?

V. Petrova. Development of the Chalcolithic ceramic assemblage of Tell Karanovo, Bulgarian Thrace

P. Leshtakov, M. Ivanova. Avren-Bobata: a Late Chalcolithic fortified settlement on the Avren Plateau, Varna District, Northeast Bulgaria

S. Chohadzhiev, Y. Boyanin. Computer-aided reconstruction of the defensive fortification at the Chalcolithic settlement of Sushina, Northeastern Bulgaria (preliminary report)

I. Gatsov, P. Nedelcheva. Lithics from the Chalcolithic tell site of Kaleto, Northeast Bulgaria

P. Raczky, A. Anders. A special oven type from the 5th millennium BC in the Hungarian Plain

N. Tasić. Vinča figurines: identities hidden and revealed

A. Harding. Balkan salt in antiquity

I. Sidéra, A. Vornicu. The archaeology of games. Playing with knucklebones in the Chalcolithic of the Balkans

I. Gaál. Tiszapolgár  Bodrogkeresztúr  Hunyadihalom: Wirkungen und Gegenwirkungen am Ende der Hochkupferzeit im Ostkarpatenbecken

V. Matsanova, V. Balabina, T. Mishina, S. Terzijska. Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age spinning at Tell Yunatsite, Bulgarian Thrace

C. Schuster, A. Morintz, I. Tuţulescu. Cernavoda I culture in the Lower Argeş basin

M. Hristov. Yunatsite type cups from the EBA ritual features at Dabene, South Central Bulgaria

H. Popov. Kush Kaya. On the absolute chronology of the Late Bronze Age in Southern Thrace

S. Alexandrov, G. Ivanov, T. Hristova. The necropolis of Baley in Northwest Bulgaria and its significance for the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age in the Lower Danube region

K. Nikov. The origin of the Early Iron Age pottery decoration in Southern Thrace

B. Athanassov, J. Gorczyk, I. Kulov, P. Stockhammer. Eine Eberzahnlamelle aus der spätbronzezeitlichen Siedlung von Bresto

A. Bozkova. Pits of the first millennium B.C. in Thrace, sine ira et studio

M. Tonkova. Adornments as insignias: the evolution of gold decorations of Odrysae and Getae, mid-5th  mid-3rd century BC

K. McSweeney. Human skeletal analysis: the osteoarchaeological approach

L. Bartosiewicz. Hunting injuries in prehistoric game

E. Marinova, B. Cupere, V. Nikolov. Preliminary results of the bioarchaeological research at the Neolithic site of Mursalevo (Southwest Bulgaria): evidence on food storage, processing and consumption from domestic contexts

T. Popova. Bread remains in archaeological contexts

D. Aladzhova. Pre-monetary currency types from Apollonia and Urdovisa on the Black Sea coast

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