Slatina: An Early Neolithic village in the Sofia Valley (Late 7th  first half of 6th Millennium BC)
Слатина: раннонеолитно село в Софийското поле (краят на VІІ — първата половина на VІ хил. пр. Хр.)
Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English
Category: Prehistory


   More than 8000 years ago, some of the earliest farmers in Europe migrated from oversee Anatolia to the valley of modern-day Sofia, bringing with them a new lifestyle. Near the banks of what is today the Slatinska River, one of the largest settlements of the first European civilization emerged and quickly expanded. Today the settlement’s remains are called Slatina-Sofia.
   The life of early farmers who settled near the banks of the Slatinska River continued for longer than half a millennium. Due to its geography the Slatina settlement, shrinking and expanding in size up to about 300 daa over the centuries, was a cultural mediator of the Central Balkans. 
   In the middle of the 6th Millennium BC, due to climate changes, the inhabitants of Neolithic Slatina migrated elsewhere, most probably to the periphery of the valley. What has survived is the so-called cultural deposit  a layer formed from the remains of human habitation. It is 4 meters thick and is the subject of prehistoric archaeological research… 


Table of contents

Необходимото въведение
The requisite preface 

I. Разрушаване на останките от раннонеолитното селище Слатина. Археологически проучвания и датиране
I. Destruction of the remains of the Early Neolithic settlement Slatina. Archaeological research and dating

II. Раннонеолитното село
The Early Neolithic village

III. Поминък и добив на суровини
Production activities and raw materials procurement

IV. Концентрични (символично-охранителни и обредни) ровове около селото
Concentric (symbolic-defensive and ritual) ditches around the village 

V. Къщата и нейните обитатели
The house and its inhabitants

VI. Специализирани обредни структури в дома
Specialized ritual features in the house

VII. Керамичните съдове с рисувана украса и ранноземеделският космос
Painted pottery and the cosmos of early farmers

VIII. Култови предмети в религиозно-митологичен контекст
Ceremonial objects in a religio-mythological context

IX. Животът и смъртта
Life and death


Summary in English


Publisher Zaharij Stoyanov
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 176
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-09-1567-8
Creation date 2021
Size 16 x 24 cm

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