RPRP, vol. 1, Part 3. Early Bronze settlement patterns in the Balkans (ca. 3500  2000 BC, calibrated dates)


This volume contains papers from the round table "Contemporary methods for investigation of prehistoric settlements" and the colloquium "Northwestern Thrace in Antiquity".


Table of contents

N. Tasić. Siedlungstypen und Kulturen Serbiens, Nordwestbulgariens und Südwestrumäniens in 3. Jahrtausend v. Chr.

M. Stojić. L’Énéolitique final dans le centre des Balkans

D. Nikolić. Architecture of the Costolac Settlements

Z. Maxim. Établissement Coţofeni dnas le basin du Someş

M. Girić. Siedlungstypen der Maroš Kultur

J. Pavelčík. Die Höhesiedlung der Badener Kultur in Hlinsko bei Lipnik und ihre Chronologische Position auf fem Grund der 14C-Datierung

M. Bondár. An Early Bronze Age Settlement in Southwestern Transdanubia

Z. Stančić, M. Novšak, N. Vujnović, J. Burmaz, Br. Kirigin. Prehistoric Settlement patterns and subsistence strategies in the Island of Brač

M. Budja. The Eneolithic settlement patterns in Slovenia. Regional approach

T. Greif. The possibilities of study the architectural remains of the Ljubljansko Barje (Ljubljana Marsh) pile-dwellings

W. Fasnacht. Die Metallugie der schweizerischen Frühbronzezeit in Experiment

G. Kitov. Tumulus Graves near the Villages of Krasnovo and Starossel, Hisar Region 


Publisher Prehistory Foundation / Agato
Language English, German, French
Pages 472
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1310-8174
Creation date 1997
Size 21 x 29 cm

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