Middle Palaeolithic leaf points from Bulgaria and their analogous in Southeast and Central Europe
Category: Palaeolithic/Mesolithic


The main purpose of this publication is to analyze the Middle Palaeolithic leaf points from the technological and typological perspective, to reconstruct scheme as much as possible and to try to explain the roots of their appearance. The study includes the assemblages with leaf points from the well investigated sites in Bulgaria as Muselievo open-air site and caves of Samuilitsa II, Temnata and Kozarnika.


Table of contents


I. Muselievo

1. Geology and geomorphology

2. Stratigraphic description of excavating area in Muselievo site

2.1. Stratigraphic sequence in the main trench

2.2. Kariera profile

2.3. Melnitza profile

2.4. Profiles correlation

3. Stratigraphic location and geochronological interpretation of the assemblage with leaf points

4. Raw material  petrographic characteristics

5. Archaeological inventory

5.1. Cores and fragments of cores

5.2. Products of debitage

5.3. Retouched tools

5.4. Conclusion

6. Technology of production of leaf points

6.1. Methods of study

6.1.1. Basic definition of technological attributes of the leaf points

6.1.2. Initial form and products of debitage for the production of leaf points The production of leaf points

7. Morphometric feature of leaf points

7.1. Length

7.2. Width

7.3. Thickness

7.4. Proportion and data for symmetry of leaf points

7.4.1. Criterion ration  length; width

7.4.2. Criterion ration  width; thickness

7.4.3. The ration between the general length to the distance between the base and the biggest width of the leaf point

7.5. Longitudinal symmetry of the leaf points

8. Technological analysis of leaf points

8.1. Bases (butts)

8.2. Tips (tops)

8.3. Lateral edges of leaf points

8.4. Character of both surfaces of leaf points

9. Production of leaf points

9.1. Resources

9.2. Typology of leaf points

9.2.1. Principles of typology of leaf points

9.2.2. Willow leaf points

9.2.3. Lanceolate leaf points

9.2.4. Laurel leaf points

9.2.5. Almonds-shape, cordiform, oval and triangular leaf points

9.2.6. Unregulated leaf points

9.2.7. Fragments of leaf points

10. Statistical analysis of the leaf points from Muselievo

II. Samuilitsa Cave II

1. Stratigraphic sequence

2. Profiles correlations

3. Typology of the leaf points of Samuilitsa

4. Discussions

III. Kozarnika cave

IV. Temnata cave

V. Comparison with other Middle Palaeolithic sites in South-Eastern Europe (Comparative study of typological types of leaf points)




VI. Conclusions





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Creation date 2020
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