Gold and Bronze: Metals, Technologies and Interregional Contacts in the Eastern Balkans during the Bronze Age
Злато и бронз. Метали, технологии и междурегионални контакти на територията на Източните Балкани през Бронзовата епоха
Language: EnglishBulgarian (bilingual)
Category: Bronze Age


Table of contents


In Memoriam: Ivan Panayotov and Zdravko Tsintsov

I. Garkov. Mining and Sustainable Development of Krumovgrad Municipality

S. Alexandrov, B. Horejs, G. Plattner, H. Popov, Y. Dimitrova, K. Chukalev. Forward

H. Popov. About Ada tepe and its Role for the Creation of this Book

Metals, Technologies and Contacts

E. Marinova, P. Georgiev, B. De Cupere. Natural Environment and its Use by Man during the Bronze Age in the Territory of Bulgaria

K. Dimitrov, R. Stoychev. The East Balkan Region as a Source of Precious and Non-ferrous Metals from Prehistory to the Roman Period

Z. Tsintsov. The Long Guarded “Precious” Secrets from the Alluvial Sediments. The Placer Gold in Present-Day Bulgaria

T. Stöllner. Mining as a Profession in Prehistoric Europe

S. Alexandrov. The Early and Middle Bronze Age in Bulgaria: Chronology, Periodization, Cultural Contacts and Precious Metal Finds

Z. Vasileva, P. Minkov. Cultural Influences and Long-Distance Contacts during the 3rd Millennium BC

A. Popescu, R. Marghitu. Gold finds from Southern Romania during the 3rd and 2nd Millennia BC

R. Băjenaru. Early and Middle Bronze Age Copper Metallurgy in the Northern Part of the Lower Danube Region

B. Nessel, E. Pernicka. The Rise of Tin Bronze in Southeastern Europe in the 3rd and 2nd Millennia BC

W. Powell, A. Bankoff, A. Mason, R. Mathur, A. Bulatović, V. Filipović. The Sources and Regional Trade in the Bronze Age of Southeast Europe: Evidence from Tin Isotopes

R. Krauss. The Middle Bronze Age on the Lower Danube

T. Hristova. Hoards and Metal Assemblages on the Lower Danube during the Late Bronze Age

A. Jochenhövel. Casting and Forging in Bronze Age Bulgaria

G. Nehrizov, Y. Tsvetkova. The Bronze Age in the Eastern Rhodopes

H. Popov, A. Jochenhövel. The Late Bronze Age Gold Mine at Ada Tepe

P. Penkova. M. Mehofer. The Treasure of Valchitran: Production Technique

E. Pernicka. The Chemical Compisition of the Gold Finds from Valchitran Treasure

M. Stefanova. Valchitran Type Discs: Reviewing Some Aspects of their Interpretation and the Cultural Interconnections in the 2nd Millennium BC Thrace

B. Horejs, R. Jung. Networks and Cultural Contacts with the Aegean

R. Jung. Warriors and Weapons in the Central and Eastern Balkans

M. Vasileva. Late Bronze Age Scepter-Maces

P. Pavuk. Thrace, Troy and Anatolia. Troy and its Contacts to the Balkans

L. Leshtakov. The Metallurgy of the Eastern Balkans and the Contacts with Central Europe and the Northern Black Sea Region in the Second Half of the Late Bronze Age

T. Stoyanov, B. Borislavov. The Model of Transition to the Culture of Iron in Thrace

Sites and finds

S. Alexandrov. Tell Ezero

V. Nikolov. Tell Karanovo

Y. Boyadzhiev, K. Boyadzhiev. Tell Yunatsite

M. Stefanova. The Early Bronze Age Settlement near Mihalich

D. Dimitrova. Early Bronze Age Tumular Grave near Kamen, Sliven Region

S. Iliev. Tumulus from the Early Bronze Age near the Town of Merichleri, Southeast

S. Alexandrov. Early Bronze Age Tumular Grave near Troyanovo, Radnevo Region

I. Iliev, S. Bakardzhiev. Early Bronze Age Tumular Grave at the Village of Drazhevo, Yambol Region

R. Georgieva, K. Nikov, R. Hristova. Early Bronze Age Tumular Graves near Venets, Karnobat Region

S. Alexandrov. Early Bronze Age Tumular Necropolis Goran-Slatina

S. Alexandrov, M. Hristov. Early Bronze Age Hoards from Petrich Region, Southwest Bulgaria

M. Hristov. Bronze Age Archaeological Site near the Village of Dabene, Karlovo Region

S. Alexandrov. Early Bronze Age Hoard from Shumen

K. Keshtakov. Tell Galabovo

T. Hristova. Middle Bronze Age Ritual Site at the Village of Bikovo, Sliven Municipality

M. Valentinova. Middle Bronze Age Hoard from Tabashka Cave near Lovech

K. Chukalev. Emenska Cave Hoard

L. Konova. Panayot Hitovo Hoard

S. Alexandrov, T. Hristova, M. Marinov. Hoard from the Area of Svishtov

S. Alexandrov. Middle Bronze Age Tumular Grave near Ovchartsi, Radnevo Municipality

B. Borislavov. Izvorovo  Bronze Age Settlement and Cemetery in Southern Sakar Mountain

K. Chukalev, Y. Dimitrova. Valchitran Treasure

L. Leshtakov. Pobit Kamak Hoard

L. Leshtakov. Hoard of Moulds from the Village of Sokol, Nova Zagora Region

D. Damyanov. Hoard of Moulds from the Village of Mogilitsa, Smolyan Region

B. Borislavov. Tumular Necropolis in Lilovo Locality, Devin Municipality, Western Rhodope Mountain

E. Bozhinova, A. Andonova. Dragoyna Fortress

H. Popov. Ada Tepe near Krumovgrad, Eastern Rhodope Mountain

S. Alexandrov. Late Bronze Age Settlement at Koprivlen

B. Atanasov, I. Kulov, P. Stockhammer. The Late Bronze Age Settlement at Bresto, near the Village of Banya, Razlog Municipality

S. Alexandrov, G. Ivanov, T. Hristova. Bronze Age Settlement and Necropolis at the Village of Baley

B. Atanasov. Settlement from the End of the Late Bronze Age on the Big Island in Durankulak Lake

T. Hristova, S. Taneva. Hoard from Semerdzhievo, Ruse Region

T. Hristova, S. Taneva. Varbitsa I and Varbitsa II Hoards

Y. Dimitrova, D. Dilov. Cherkovna Hoard

E. Bozhinova. Late Bronze Age Well in Plovdiv

T. Hristova, V. Petrova. Settlement from the End of the Late Bronze Age at Chepintsi, Sofia



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Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 600
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9472-60-8
Creation date 2018
Size 21 x 29 cm

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