Martin Hristov. The treasures of Dabene, Southern Bulgaria (24502100 BC)
Съкровищата от Дъбене, Карловско (2450—2100 г. пр. Хр.)
Language: Bulgarian.Category: Bronze Age

   The gold objects from Dabene, Karlovo, were found in peculiar-looking structures called ritual, which resemble low burial mounds. More than 15 such mines have been explored so far, and gold finds have been found in only some of them. These structures date from the Early Bronze Age and date fairly precisely to the period between 2450 and 2100 BC. The objects are placed together with a variety of sometimes richly decorated pottery, bronze, silver and glass objects on the ground and covered with river stones. To date, more than 21 elements of strings, gold spirals, beads and appliqués have been found. The sizes and shapes of the beads are different - they can be in the form of small rings, washers, cylinders, double pyramids or biconical. The smallest of them have an outer diameter of 1,5 mm, and the largest reach almost 1 cm. Three gold strings have been recovered from them, which consist of elements of different types  beads and distributors. Such ornaments were found in ritual structures No.1 and No.3. The spirals are made of gold wire and have a different number of coils, and the appliqués are of two types, serving as decoration and sewn onto clothing. An impression is made by the golden dagger weighing 42,8 g from Ritual Structure No. 5, which is unique to the lands of Ancient Thrace and Southeast Europe, as well as the small box with a lid made of pure silver, which is unknown in antiquity from other areas. It is interesting to note that the gold objects in each of the studied structures are different in shape and stand out from similar ones in the others. This testifies to a different style in their production and to its duration.
Publisher National History Museum
Language Bulgarian
Pages 28
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-2593-81-4
Creation date 2017
Size 16 x 24 cm

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