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Chapter 1. Geographical and archaeological characterization of the Struma valley and adjacent regions

Geographical Characterization of the Valley of the Struma River

Chronological and Periodisation Systems in Bulgaria and Adjacent Regions

Prehistoric Settlements in the Struma River Valley

Chapter 2. Stratigraphical characterization of the settlement. Archaeological levels and stratas (from up to the bottom)

Stratigraphy of the Sectors Following the Levels of the Terrain Research

Northern Trench

Southern Trench

Chapter 3. Architecture

Early Neolithic House-hold Structures. Dwelling 1

Middle Neolithic Architecture Structures

Late Neolithic Dwellings А, В, C, D

Construction Structures from the Early Chalcolithic and Late Bronze Age

Chapter 4. Pottery

Balgarchevo I Pottery Characteristic

Balgarchevo I-II, II and II-III Pottery Characteristic

Balgarchevo III, III-IV Pottery Characteristic

Late Neolithic Painted Pottery

Balgarchevo IV Pottery Characteristic

Balgarchevo V Ppottery Characteristic

Balgarchevo VI Pottery Characteristic

Roman Period Pottery Characteristic

Ethnocultural Affiliation According Pottery Characteristic

Balgarchevo I

Balgarchevo II

Balgarchevo III

Balgarchevo IV

Balgarchevo V




Annex. D. Stavrakieva. Chemical and Petrographical Characteristic of Pottery from Balgarchevo

Colored Plates of Pottery

Българчево. Праисторическо селище, том 1

Publisher Craft house Bulgaria
Language English
Pages 476
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-92223-4-0
Creation date 2011
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