Table of contents


M. Anghelinu. Failed Revolution: Marxism and the Romanian Prehistoric Archaeology between 1945 and 1989

E. Nankov. An Ivory Scabbard Chape from Seuthopolis Rediscovered: Evidence for a Xiphos from Early Hellenistic Thrace?

V. Ignatov. The Chariot in the Burial Rite of Ancient Thrace

B. Migotti. The Social/Gender Context of The Sarcophagus of a togata clarissima femina from Siscia (Pannonia Superior)

A.I. Romanchuk, V.A. Filippov. Results of Application of Prospecting Air Photography of the Western Part of Tauric Chersonesos Settlement. 2005


M. Tiverios. Kostadin Kisyov. Thrace and Greece in Ancient Times. Part 1. Classical Age Tumuli in the Municipality of Kaloyanovo. Plovdiv 2005

A. Božkova. Vladimir Stolba, Lise Hannestad (eds.). Chronologies of the Black Sea Area in the Period C. 400100 B.C. Aarhus 2005

E. Gencheva. Веселка Кацарова. Пауталия и нейната територия през периода ІVІ век. Велико Търново 2006. [Veselka Katsarova. Pautalia and Its Territory during the Period of the First to the Sixth Century. Veliko Tarnovo 2006]

F. Curta. Sergiu Musteaţă. Populaţia spaţiului pruto-nistrean în secolele VIIIIX [The Population of the Territory between the Rivers Prut and Nistru during the Eighth to Ninth Centuries]. Chişinău 2005

Археология булгарика 2007/1

Publisher NOUS
Language English
Pages 92
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1310-9537
Creation date 2007
Size 20 x 28 cm

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