Proceedings of the 4th international student conference "Settlement life at the Balkans and Asia Minor through the ages", 14th16th of May 2009, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


Table of contents /summary/

K. Chakarov. Introduction

T. Valchev. Routes of spread of the Neolithic culture in Bulgaria

A. Atanassov. Neolithic defensive works from the territory of Bulgaria

R. Yordanova. Models of buildings as a source for prehistoric architecture

G. Ivanov. Manufacture of apparel and amulets of bone and shells of molluscs as a part of the settlement life during the Neolithic and Eneolithic in Bulgaria

Y. Parinova. Two-storey Neolithic and Chalcolithic dwellings according to data from the territory of Bulgaria

R. Ivanov. Settlement life during the Chalcolithic period in the valleys of the Mechka and Kayaliika rivers

I. Suvandzhiev. Settlement model during the so-called “Transitional period” in the Prehistory

B. Lyutskanova. Bronze age archaeological complexes, structures and materials from the North Sentral Bulgarian caves

R. Ivanov. Settlement network on the Dragoyna Hill in the Bronze and Iron Age

A. Sobotkova. Surveying Thracian complexity [full text]

P. Grozdanov. The ports of the West Pontic cities as a factor for their development 5th c. B.C. to 1st c. A.D.

M. Andonova. Images of nautical vessels in the Circum-Aegean Region (3700 B.C. 3rd centyru A.D.)

V. Ivanov. Street network in the Roman cities in the territory of Bulgaria 2nd to 3rd century

R. Kareva. Roman military camps in the province of Lower Moesia: A specific settlement structure

S. Alexandrov. Novae and Nicopolis ad Istrum in the Late Antiquity (4th 7th c.)

K. Chakarov. Late Roman and Early Byznatine fortresses in the Yantra river basin

P. Doychev. Reconstruction of the fortification system of the fortress in Hisarlaka near the town of Sliven during the Early Byzantine period

B. Piotrowski. Migration of the Goths [full text]

A. Parvanova, M. Metodiev. Town and capital in Bulgaria 12th to 14th century

Z. Gyuleva. Changes in the appearance of towns in the Bulgarian lands after the end of the 14th century

M. Dzhambazova. Religious and secular architecture in the Ottoman empire in the 15th 16th century. Ancient and West European influence

D. Georgiev. The settlement life in the Balkans in the vision of the British travelers (early 18th early 19th century)

P. Georgieva. Church public chronicles as a source of information for settlement anthroponymic system (according to data from the town of Dve mogili, Ruse district)


Селищният живот на Балканите и в Мала Азия през вековете

Publisher St. Cyril and St. Methodius University Publishing, Veliko Tarnovo
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 264
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-524-757-6
Creation date 2010
Size 16 x 24 cm

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