Table of contents /summaries/


A. Yotsova, S. Aleksandrov, T. Hristova, G. Ivanov. Late Bronze Age settlement at Balej (Northwestern Bulgaria). Stratigraphy and archaeological complexes (

A. Bozkova. West Slope pottery from Bulgaria (

T. Bogdanova. Decorated Bronze Mirrors from the necropolis of Apollonia Pontica (

V. Grigorov. Discussion on the transition from Antiquity to the Medieval Period and the chronological frames of the "Middle Ages" (

K. Totev. Constantinopolitan processional bronze crosses from Bulgaria. Part II (


G. Ganetsovski. Late Chalcolithic ritual structure on Kaleto hill in Mezdra (

R. Stoychev. Techniques for gilding of metal vases from present-day Northwestern Bulgaria (4th  3rd c. BC) (

K. Petkova. Terracotta figurines of boys with kausia from present-day Bulgaria (

P. Vladkova. Terracotta figurines from ancient production centers in the territory of Nicopolis ad Istrum (


К. Бъчваров. Harald Haarmann. Indo-Europeanization  day one. Elite recruitment and the beginnings of language politics. (Eurolinguistische Arbeiten, 6). Harrassowitz: Wiesbaden, 2012. ISSN 1613-1118; ISBN 978-3-447-06717-1; 174 pp.
(K. Bachvarov. Harald Haarmann. Indo-Europeanization day one. Elite recruitment and the beginnings of language politics. (Eurolinguistische Arbeiten, 6). Harrassowitz: Wiesbaden, 2012; 174 pp.)

Г. Атанасов. Деян Рабовянов. Извънстоличните каменни крепости на Първото българско царство (IX  нач. на XI в.). Дисертации, том 5
(G. Atanassov. Deyan Rabovyanov. The provincial stone fortresses of the First Bulgarian empire (9th 
 beginning of 11th c.) (Dissertations, Volume 5). Sofia, 2011)

С. Симеонов. Магдалена Стаменова. Модели на опазване на културно-археологическото наследство в България. София, 2012, 223 стр.
(S. Simeonov. Magdalena Stamenova. Models for conservation of cultural and archaeological heritage in Bulgaria. Sofia, 2012, 223 pp.)


П. Андреева. XXII Международен Лимес конгрес  Русе, 06-11.09.201206-11.09.2012 г.
(P. Andreeva. XXII International Limes Congress, Ruse, September, 9-11, 2012)

И. Тодоров. Проф. д. и. н. Казимир Попконстантинов навърши 70 години
(I. Todorov. Prof. Dr. Sc. Kazimir Popkonstantinov turned 70 years)

Научни публикации на специалистите от Националния археологически институт и музей  БАН през 2012 г.
Scientific publications of the scholars from the National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, ВAS, in 2012

In memoriam

Ана Йоцова (1942-2013)
Ana Yotsova (1942-2013)

Научни книги по археология на българските земи през 2011  2012 г.
New books on the archaeology of present-day Bulgaria published in 2011  2012

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 156
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0324-1203
Creation date 2012
Size 21 x 29 cm

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