Gustave Doré. La Sainte Bible (Nouveau Testament)
Language: Bulgarian
Western European Art


     The album presents 81 engravings by the French artist Gustave Doré (18321883) created for a new edition of the French translation of the Vulgate Bible. The present volume includes illustrations from the following books of the New Testament: Gospel of Luke, Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of John, Acts of the Apostles, First Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians, Book of Revelation.

Гюстав Доре. Библия. Книги на Новия Завет

Publisher Maria Arabadzhieva
Language Bulgarian
Pages 200
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-584-385-3
Creation date 2010
Size 21 х 28 cm

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