Lapidarium: Catalogue. Epigraphic monuments in Montana
Language: Bulgarian,English (bilingual)
Category: epigraphy


Presented at the catalogue epigraphic monuments from the Roman period, found in Montana, are a part from the marble collection Latin inscriptions stored at the Historical Museum Montana. These monuments date from the second third century AD. Thirty eight of them are in the Latin language and only one in Old Greek. They are important evidence for the history and culture in ancient Montana, a town in the Roman province of Lower Moesia.

A considerable part of the inscriptions are from the region of the pagan sanctuary. These are dedications of the main divinities Diana (patron of Montana) and Apollo. There are monuments dedicated to Aesculapius, Hygia, Silvanus and Latona. Two of the inscriptions are acclamations to the Emperor Maximinus I (235238) and Valerian I (253260). Four monuments are tombstones.

Publisher Historical Museum – Montana
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 44
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
Creation date 2003
Size 16 x 24 cm

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