Glimpses Into the Life of the European Provinces of the Ottoman Empire, 15th to 19th Century: A Collection of Studies in Memoriam Prof. Dsc Elena Grozdanova. Edited by Stefka Parveva and Olga Todorova. In Bulgarian with summaries in English
Table of contents /summaries/

Preface: „And Those Recipies for Success Weigh Down on Me Like a Strange Worn-Out Dress“: Prof. Elena Alexandrova Grozdanova (19412011)

Bibliography of Prof. Elena Alexandrova Grozdanova

The Unknown Elena Grozdanova (unpublished poems from her personal archive)

Settlement Network and Population Structure

S. Dimitrov. Settlement Network and Population in the Sakar Mountain and its Adjacent Area in the 15th16th Century

K. Yordanov. General Observations on the Geographical Distribution and Size of the Voynuk Population in the Bulgarian Lands at the End of the 15th and the First Half of the 16th Century

A. Sereda. Khan Ukraine  Muqataa of Tombasar (End of the 17th18th Centuries)

Agrarian Relations

M. Petkova-Encheva. Sixteenth Century Judicial Records  Huccets, on the Procedure of Fixing Boundaries of Village Territories and the Environment of Settlements in the Kaza of Stara Zagora

P. Andonova. Askeri Ciftlik  Vakf  State. The Ciftlik of the Mutevelli of Sofu Mehmed Pasha’s Vakf in the Beginning of the 18th Century: Genesis, Development, Violations of the Law, Profits

S. Parveva. Aspects of the Portrait of Hired Workers in the Ciftliks in the Seventeenth  Mid Eighteenth Century

The Ottoman Empire at the End of the Seventeenth  Eighteenth Century: Institutions, Events, Personalities

M. Ursinus. Patmos in the Eighteenth Century: Fiscal Threats and Exemption Promises [full text]

A. Antonov. Organisation and Financing of the Ottoman Courrier Service in the 17th18th Centuries

D. Ivanova. Theaters of War  Battles and Historiography (Ottoman Historians on the Participation of the Dragoman reaya in the War between the Holy League and the Ottoman Empire, 16831699)

M. Shusharova. A Deliorman Ayan Story from the Late 18th Century

On the History of the Muslim Literary Tradition: Manuscripts, Books, Libraries, Archives

S. Ivanova. Concerning the Library at the Teke of Salaheddin Baba, Built by Osman Pazvantoğlu in Vidin (Historical Realia)

S. Kenderova. Creative Works of Turkish Copysts in the Town of Samokov (17th19th Centuries)

S. Draganova. Mecca and Medina in the Bulgarian Ottoman Archive

Religious Life, Religious Structures, Religious Policy

N. Gramatikova. The Role of the Poetic-Musical Tradition of Mystic-Religious Nature for the Preservation and Manifestation of Alevi-Bektashi Culture in the Ludogorie Region

R. Gradeva. On the Ottoman Period in the History of the St George Church  The Rotunda in Sofia

I. Tyutyundzhiev. The Tarnovo Episcopate and Russia (15th17th Century)

O. Todorova. The Parish on the Balkans in the Ottoman Era: An Inside Look: The Orthodox Priest and his Flock through the Prism of a Mid–17th-Century Text, written by a Parish Priest

From Tradition to Modernity

М. Dobreva. The Origin and the Network of the Islahhanes in the 1860s1870s

P. Peykovska. Hungarian Apothecaries – Founders of Pharmacy in Bulgaria. Careers, Competition, Conflicts


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Из живота на европейските провинции на османската империя през ХV-ХІХ в.
Publisher Gutenberg
Language Bulgarian
Pages 732
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-176-088-6
Creation date 2016
Size 16 х 24 cm

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