Dana Decheva: The Lifework of a Conservator-Restorer
Language: Bulgarian with extended summary in English
За труда на един реставратор  Дана Дечева
Category: Art Studies


   Yordanka "Dana" Decheva graduated from the Art Academy in Sofia with the first class of the Conservation and Restoration Master's Degree Programme in Bulgaria. Endowed with the hand and the eye of an artist, she built herself as a professional capable of applying her conservator-restorer skills in combination with a vast knowledge of history, the arts and the exact sciences. This book presents part of her legacy: restored icons, paintings and drawings, including works by Bulgarian fine art classics. Another aspect highlighted is "the world of the conservator-restorer", entirely subject to fundamental rules and ethical standards awaiting the test of time.

   In an interview, Dana Decheva outlined the way she approached each assignment. "You inspect the work with trepidation, you explore the technique employed, you need to feel it..." Asked whether the job of the conservator-restorer is creative, Dana Decheva replied: "To my mind, every job is creative. You may design a project, write an article, cook a meal at home  and find something new. If you ask three conservator-restorers how they will deal with a particular work, they may come up with three different solutions. And all three would be right  as long as they respect the general principles of technique and restoration..."
Prof. Grigori Grigorov

Table of contents

To our friends across the world who will be able fo read only the English section of this book


From Krassimir Detchev


Yordanka "Dana" Decheva

Dana: A colleague and friend

A vignette about Dana

The icon

Paintings restored by Dana Decheva

Three portraits which Dana Decheva recovered for the history of Bulgarian painting

Dana Decheva at the Dobrich Art Gallery

The world of the conservator-restorer (excerpts)

The talent, qualities and skills of the conservator-restorer

Dana Decheva: Conservator-restorer of works of art


Publisher NIB-A-Consult
Language Bulgarian with an extended summary in English
Pages 180
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-451-042-8
Creation date 2020
Size 28 х 21 cm

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