Archiv für mittelalterliche Philosophie und Kultur. Heft XXIII
Language: Bulgarian, English with summaries in English


Table of contents

O. Georgiev. Commentary on Philoponus versus Proculos debate for world’s eternity (summary)

G. Petrinski. The Rhetoric Beyond the Canon: The theory of Menander of Laodicea and the Byzantine Epideictic Eloquence (summary)

S. Markov. Wisdom as an Epistemological and Anthropological Concept from Origen to Photius (summary)

K. Yanakiev. Day one, day seven and the day-without-evening in the doctrines of the Byzantine Fathers (4th8th Centuries) (summary)

S. Mladenov. Anselm of Canterbury on The Definition of Human Nature [full text]

S. Yanakieva. Representational Theology of Exorcism and Co-inherence in the Digby Mary Magdalene and Elsewhere [full text]

G. Dineva. The role of will in constructing the new personality” concept in the context of refocusing away from the soul” concept . Peter John Olivi and John Duns Scotus (summary)

S. Petkova. Reception of otium concept in De Vita Solitaria by Francis Petrarch (summary)

B. Gospodinova. Infinity in De docta ignorantia by Nicolaus Cusanus (summary)

G. Kapriev. A Medieval Alternative to Ontoteology: From the Middle Ages to Modern Times (summary)

Francesco Petrarca XXIV, 1. To Philippe de Cabassoles: On Brevity of Life [in Bulgarian]

Publisher East–West Publishing
Language Bulgarian, English with summaries in English
Pages 232
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-01-0079-9
Creation date 2017
Size 13 х 20 cm

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