Mirabilia: Miracles and Monsters (Studia balcanica 31)
Proceedings of an interdisciplinary conference, 2
4 October 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria
Editors: Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva, Valeria Fol. Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/


Mirabilia: miracles and monsters. Several preliminary words

Mirabilia antiqua

V. Lozanova. Mirabilia et monstra

V. Fol. The Great Goddess-Mother and the monster Cenchrines

V. Gerdzhikova. Enchanting monstrosity: The shifting images of the sirens

D. Iliev. Kυδος  čudo. Еtymology, magic and poetics

V. Kalfina. Hecuba’s metamorphosis in dog  Toponymic and literature dimensions

Y. Sirakova. Quid nisi monstra legis: Wonders, monsters and impassioned villains in Seneca’s tragedies. Aspects of translation and reception

N. Panova. Monstrosity vs. Hospitality. Two meetings Between Odysseus and Polyphemus

R. Popova. The Heracleian tradition and the tempted into poisons and miracles Thrake

Mirabilia medii aevi

I. Simeonova. Daemons as servants of the Devil in the vita of st. Andrew the Fool-for-Christ

T. Stepanov. Monsters-giants: Nordic and Bulgarian notions, tenth to thirteenth centuries

V. Vachkova. Holiness XXXL: The monstrous st. Christopher between intuitive reverence and rational denial

R. Zaimova. „The maid of Orleans“ and its interpreters

P. Danova. To the miracles in our land in Medieval Latin and Italian encyclopedias (XIIIXIV century)

Y. Bibina. The wonderful world in the travelogue of Evliya Celebi Seyahatname

Mirabilia and folklore culture

R. Popov. To the wonders of some monstrous characters in Bulgarian mythology

A. Georgieva. Miraculous healing springs

V. Baeva. The motif of dragon’s love in oral narratives: Topoi and idiosyncrasies

I. Garvalova. Erketch tale about dragons and wild people

K. Parvanov. The witch’s image in village Kozichino, Pomorie district

G. Mitrinov. Semantic variety of usage of the demononym drakus in the Rhodopean dialects

G. Kraev. Terribly funny masks of Bulgarian bachelor masquerade  monsters or parody?

V. Yankova. Masks and ”scary creatures”. To the anthropology of fear

I. Mishkova. Masquerade and its ”monsters” and “angels”

G. Mishev. Sleeplessness in folk belief  image and rites

I. Karachorova. A cycle of services and conjuring against unholy spirits in manuscripts from 19th century

Ch. Ginevski. Miracles at the church of st. Nicholas in Ustovo, Smolyan and the eponymous miraculous icon

Mirabilia: Monsters of the modernity and postmodernity

Y. Spassova-Dikova. Fantastic creatures in performative arts

G. Valchev. Destination „vampire“. Bg

D. Vachkov. „The monstrousity“ in Bulgarian political life: Orange guard in action (19201923)

M. Spassov. Homo mirabilis: From the bizarre pages of Balkan literary vanguards

G. Doncheva. The phenomenon Twilight: On the evolution of the vampire’s representations in the world cinema

V. Lichev. Miracle of communication in F. Ponge’s “L’appareil du telephone”

Mirabilia: Чудеса и чудовища (Studia balcanica 31)

Publisher Institute of Balkan Studies and Centere of Thracology (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 458
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-7179-05-7
Creation date 2016
Size 16 х 24 cm

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