Table of contents /summaries/


D. Agre, S. Yordanov. Silver coin hoard from the Thracian ruler's home near Sinemorets, Tsarevo municipality (Preliminary report)

K. Yordanova. Hoards of Apollonian coins of Medusa/anchor and anchor/Medusa types from the depot of NIAMBAS

M. Dotkova. Hoard of Republican denarii from Trastenik, Pleven region

B. Bozhkova. The Iconography of Artemis in the provincial coinage of Moesia

S. Dimova. New and rare coin types of Mesambria from the 2nd3rd c.

M. Andonova. Coins from the archaeological research of Basilica 1 and Basilica 2 in Garmen, Gotse Delchev region

M. Minkova. Two Late Roman bronze coin hoards from the territory of Augusta Traiana  Beroe

S. Filipova. Coin hoard from Bosnek village, Pernik region

D. Aladzhova. Circulation of the coins of 16 nummi of Emperor Justinian I

V. Penchev. Byzantine coins from the Medieval settlement at Orta Burun site near Yerusalimovo, Haskovo region, housed in the depot of NMHSofia

C. Dochev. Two rare golden perperi of the Nicaean Emperors Theodore I Laskaris (12041222) and Michael VIII Palaiologos (12581282)

Z. Zhekova. The journey of a coin. On a Slavonian denarius from Veliki Preslav

N. Mitev. Contribution to the coin circulation in Venchan Fortress

N. Mitev. Golden Gulden of Vladislav III of Varna (14401444) from Dobrich region

M. Klasnakov. Leven Tallers in a coin hoard from Ahtopol

M. Klasnakov, I. Peev. 16th—17th с. hoard of silver coins from Burgas

B. Tomova. Late Medieval jewels with coins (15th—18th c.)


I. Yordanov. Lead Byzantine seals from Haskovo region (II)

V. Penchev. Two anonymous Byzantine molybdobullae from the 11th c. housed in the depot of NMHSofia

Z. Aladzhov. Seal of Constantine Doukas from the fortress of Markeli


I. Yordanov, R. Moreva-Arabova. Lead Byzantine seals from the region of Assenovgrad

K. Venedikova. Bronze bowl with inlays and inscriptions


B. Ruseva. The Birth of Coin. Paraphrase of La naissance de la monnaie by Georges Le Rider (continuation)


Нумизматика, сфрагистика и епиграфика 2013, 9

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 312
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 1312-5532
Creation date 2013
Size 16 x 24 cm

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