Studia in honorem professoris Iordankae Iurukova


Table of contents /summaies/

Dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Prof. Yordanka Youroukova

Ab imo pectore in saecula saeculorum

Bibliography of the Publication of Prof. Yordanka Youroukova

Part I


P. Balabanov. Premonetary Forms in Thrace and Scythia during the 1st Millennium BC

B. Russeva. Six Silver Alexanders from Hellenistic Thrace a Fragment of a Hoard from Shumen region

L. Lazarov. A Specifying on the Bronze Coinage of Lampsacus

I. Karayotov. The Bronze Coins of Mesembria, Apollonia, Odessus and Dionysopolis Comparative Analysis

M. Manov. New Types of Coins of the Scythian Rulers Kanites and Akrosa(kes)

I. Lazarenko. Public Architecture from Odessus Depicted on Coins

D. Draganov. Тhe First Coin Issue of Deultum and the Date of the Establishment of the Roman Colony

B. Bozhkova. A 2nd3rd Century AD Coin Hoard from the Village of Golyama Brestnitsa

R. Gushterakliev. A Hoard of Bronze Coins of the 2nd3rd Century from the Village of Presyaka, Lovech region

M. Slavova. “Sveti Duh” Fortress in the Village of Mineralni Bani, Haskovo Region from the Mid 2nd until the Mid 4th Century AD (according to the numismatic data)

D. Vladimirova-Aladzhova. The Vezenkovo Hoard and the Marks of Wealth in the Early Byzantine Period

T. Shyukryu. A Couple of Late Roman Exagia from Parvomay Region

M. Minkova. Late roman and medieval weights from Augusta Traiana–Beroe

S. Filipova. Early Byzantine Exagii from the Village of Bistritsa, Dupnitsa region

S. Mihaylov. A Rare Bronze Coin of Emperor Heraclius (610641)

Z. Zhekova. The Coins of Emperor Romanus I (920944) from the Bulgarian Territories. Circulation and Main Specific Features

C. Dochev. Two New Copper Coin Types of Tsar Ivan Sratsimir (13521396)

I. Sotirov. Coinage of Despot Jacob Svetoslav and Bulgarian-Hungarian Relations during the Third Quarter of 13th Century

V. Penchev. A Hoard of Silver Mediеval Coins (14th15th Century) from the Village of Malomir, Yambol Region

S. Avdev. Role of the Mints at the Golden and Silver Mines in the Fiscal Policy of the Ottoman Empire during the 16th17th Century

B. Tomova. 16th Century Gold Turkish Coins from the Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Sofia

H. Haritonov. Numismatic Interests of Bacho Kiro Petrov and his Contribution to the Development of the Bulgarian Numismatic Knowledge during the National Revival Period

Нумизматика, сфрагистика и епиграфика 2007, 3, Част 1

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian (with summaries in English)
Pages 316
Illustrations b&w photographs
Binding paperback
ISSN 1312-5532
Creation date 2006
Size 16 x 24 cm

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