Archaeologia bulgarica 2024/1
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Language: English


Table of contents

A. Temür. Necropolis Areas and Grave Types Unearthed in the Surface Surveys Conducted in and Around the Ancient City of Neoklaudiopolis

S. Pilipović. A Marble Sarcophagus Lid Fragment with Gorgoneion: Viminacium Spoil in Nimnik Monastery

M. Vojvoda, I. Bogdanović, G. Stojić. The Hoard of 4th Century Bronze Coins from the Viminacium Amphitheatre

A. Stankov. Concerning the Location of the “St. Romanus” Church in Constantinople

H. Preshlenov. Churches in Mesembria on the West Black Sea Coast

D. Garbov. The Veiled Wreck: A 19th Century Wooden Sailing Merchantman on the Southern Bulgarian Continental Shelf


Alix BARBET. Coupoles, voûtes et plafonds peints d’époque romaine. Ier-IVe siècle apr. J.-C. Hermann Editeurs, Paris, 2021. 365 p., 456 figs., 2 maps, 28.5 cm (Valeva, J.)

Pavlina VLADKOVA. Novae: Sector VIII А. Buildings extra muros. Vol. 1: A residential building, necropolis and basilica from the Early Byzantine period, Veliko Tárnovo, 2023, 232 pages, 178 figures, in Bulgarian, summary in English (Biernacki, A. B.)


Publisher NOUS
Language English
Pages 106
Illustrations b/w and colour figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 1310-9537
Creation date 2024
Size 20 x 28 cm

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