Table of contents

Introduction. Middle Ages, Historiography, Discourses. Why?

Christianity in Northern Europe

H. Janson. What Made the Pagans Pagans?

Вл. Петрухин. Библейские генеалогии в средневековой политической истории. Хазария и Русь

A. Granberg. Shift of Written Language and Alphabet as Part of the State Formation Process and the Christianisation (A Comparative Study of Bulgaria and Rus)

Christianity in the East

Ал. Федотов. О первых христианских миссионерах в Тибете

D. Dimitrov. The Arabs, Christianity, and the Byzantine Near East (4th–7th Centuries)

V. Stanković. The Place and Significance of the East in Byzantine Church Policy (10th–12th Century)

Christianity in Southeastern Europe

F. Curta. Emperor Heraclius and the Conversion of the Croats and the Serbs

V. Vachkova. Credo Quia Absurdum (Reflection on the Facts and Paradoxes in The History of the Church and State in the 4th Century)

E. Moutafov. How Central the Significance of Icons in the Orthodoxy is?

B. Todorov. Coercion and Reconciliation: The Roman Mission of AD 866/7 and the Internal Conflicts in Bulgaria

Ц. Степанов, Болгары и христианство до 864 г. (историографический ракурс, 1989–2009 гг.)

G. Kazakov. Empire, théologie et reconstruction: Les Byzantins avaient-Ils de la théorie politique?

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