Journal of Historical and Archaeological Research 3/2016. The current issue is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the declaration of Bulgaria as a republic
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/

D. Georgiev. Fallen soldiers and officers of Municipality Provadia during the Second World War (19411945 years)

S. Antchev. Bulgaria at the end of World War II before and during the Paris Peace Conference in 1946

I. Baeva. Geopolitical background of the announcement of the Republic of Bulgaria

S. Tanev. Bulgaria 1946: Monarchy or Republic

E. Kalinova. Тhe Republic in Bulgaria: When and why it became possible?

D. Petkov. Europe and Bulgaria after World War II: Thematizing of their historical destiny and political importance till the beginning of 21st century

M. Mitova. The development of the visible trade between Bulgaria and Federal Republic of Germany in 20th century's 80's and the predicaments of Bulgarian export

V. Paraskevov. The other half of Europe: The Economist for Bulgarian internal and external affairs, 19851989

I. Belcheva. The Statue оf The Republic: From September 9th Square to The Museum of Socialist Art

Журнал за исторически и археологически изследвания 3/2016

Publisher "Konstantin Preslavsky" University Press
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 224
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 1314-748X
Creation date 2018
Size 16 x 24 cm

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