Proceedings of the International conference, 2426 February 2008, Sоfia, Bulgaria
(Studia mediaevalia Slavica et Byzantina, volume 1)


Table of contents /summaries/

I. Death and Funeral in Jewish-Christian Tradition

N. Shivarov. The Biblical Laments in Their Ancient Near East Context 

S. Smyadovski. Remembrance of Death and Prayer 

D. Petkanova. Funeral Customs and Funeral Texts according to Literary Sources 

P. Penkova. The Mono-thematical Provodnica and the Funeral Rites in South-Slavonic Manuscripts from the Fourteenth Century 

E. Velkovska. K. Ivanova. The Office for Monastic Burial from the Beginning of the Fourtheenth Century and Greek Parallels to Its Canon 

S. Parenti. The Eulogitaria Troparia for the Departed 

R. Koycheva. Unknown Fragments of the Acrostic of the Old Bulgarian Funeral Canon on the Sixth Tone 

R. Krivko. Canon for the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God in Byzantine and Slavic Hymnography 

II. The Slavonic Euchologion

M. Zheltov. The Rite Ponakhida of the Departed in the Old-Russian Euchologies from the Fourteenth Century 

M. Yovcheva. Another look at the Hymnographic texts in the Euchologium Sinaiticum 

III. Alphabet and Typikon  Foundation of the Medieval Slavonic Literature

I. Tarnanidis. Associative Ideas about the Trilingual (Greek  Latin  Slavonic) Abecedarium of Monk Dimitar (Sin. Slav. 3/N)

l. Evangelou. The Neo-Sabaitic Rite and Its Establishement in the South Slavic World in the 14th Century
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Publisher Publishing Centre "Boyan Penev"
Language Bulgarian, Russian, English with summaries in English
Pages 268
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 1314-4170
Creation date 2011
Size 16 х 24 cm

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