Personalia: Art Readings. Thematic Peеr-reviewed Annual in Art Studies, Volume I. Old Art
Category: Art ReadingsArt studies
Language: English, Bulgarian


Table of contents

M. Koleva. Worshipers and Gods: Scenes on the Roman Votive Reliefs from the Territory of Bulgaria

Е. Анастасова. За два римски портрета от територията на Никополис ад Иструм

E. Moutafov. The Testimony of the Inscriptions in Their Iconographical and Historical Context in the Church of the Transfiguration at Sotera (Famagusta District, Cyprus)

Е. Мусакова. Един сред многото

К. Япова. Понятието musicus в контекста на идеята за личност (върху примера на Summa musice от ХIII век)

A. Adashinskaya. Tsaritsa Jelena of Serbia as an Independent Patron of Arts between 1355 and 1366

I. Vitaliotis. There are more Questions than Answers: The Post-Byzantine Painter’s Signature in the Ottoman Balkans

T. Bacheva. Pope Sylvester from the St. Stephen Church in Nessebar

M. Oikonomou. Icon Painters from Nezera, Achaia: A workshop of Post-Byzantine Artists in 18th Century Peloponnese

I. Perrakis. Ηieromonk Damascene from Ioannina: The Founder of the Most Prominent Religious Painting Workshop on Mount Athos at the Turn of the 18th Century

S. Menenakou. A Family of Painters in 18th Century Mani: The Workshop of the Painter Panagiotis Klerodetis

А. Куюмджиев. Липсваща персоналия  зограф Йоан от Ахтопол

B. Jaunslaviete. A Case of Self-Expression in Various Arts: Poet, Pianist-Composer and Music Critic Hans Schmidt (18541923)

Д. Бойкина. Някои наблюдения върху мощехранителницата от Етрополския манастир „Варовитец“

A. Metin. A New Perspective On Bulgarian-Turkish Architectural Interactions: Understanding Fichev’s Work Within The Context Of Late Ottoman Baroque

И. Ванев. Калотина или Мелник? За един стенописен фрагмент от фонда на НАИМБАН

V. Yontcheva. Paintings by Haralampy Tachev in Sofia's Churches

H. Niinioja. Historical Protagonists on Tangible-Intangible Architectural Ornament[ation] across Spaces and Times


Publisher Institute of Art Studies (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 406
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8594-70-7
ISSN 1313-2342
Creation date 2022
Size 16 х 24 cm

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