Archaeologia bulgarica 2023/1
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B. Zlateva, T. Stoyanov, D. Lesigyarski, V. Bonev. The Armour of the Thracian Warriors  an Archaeometrical Approach

Y. Mutafchieva. Classical Period Bronze Cauldrons from Thrace 

S. Berecki. Radiocarbon Dating of Late Iron Age Graves from Transylvania

D. Marković, M. Savić, I. Bogdanović. Case of the Wounded Beast: a Red Deer Tibia with Projectile Trauma from Viminacium

K. Kostova, N. Sharankov. Burial with Magical Gems in the Western Rock-cut Necropolis of the Roman Colony of Deultum in Thrace

V. Russeva. Anthropological Investigation of Human Skeletal Remains from Late Roman Tombs in the East Necropolis of Deultum

C. Cosma. A Parade-Objekt Discovered in the Avar Cemetery from Șpălnaca (Alba County): A Unique Artifact in Avar Archaeology from Transylvania


Людмила Г. ХРУШКОВА. Раннехристианская двойная церковь в Пицунде в Абхазии. Москва / Сухум: Абгосиздат [Liudmila G. KHRUSHKOVA. The Early Christian double church in Pitsunda, Abkhazia. Moscow / Sukhum] (Valeva, J.)


Publisher NOUS
Language English
Pages 90
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1310-9537
Creation date 2023
Size 20 x 28 cm

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