Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova. Procheiros nomos / Zakon gradski: The juridical legacy of Orthodox Slavs
Прохирон / Закон градски. Юридическото наследство на православното славянство
Language: Bulgarian with summary in English
Category: Medeival South Slavonic literature


   The main focus of the current study is the Byzantine secular justice, known as Πρόχειρος νόμος (Prochiron), as it appears in the Medieval Slavonic translation tradition. The full translation of all 40 titles of the Greek original appears for the first time in the South Slavonic Kormchaya book with commentaries from 12191220, and its earliest preserved copy from Ilovitsa, the metropolitan center of Zeta, dated from 1262.
   The work is conceived as a short study in which to present the research problems of the Prochiron; to publish the original Slavonic translation according to the earliest preserved copy; to translate, or adapt it into modern Bulgarian; to establish a short glossary of words and terms in purpose of revealing the lexical richness of the text, and to cite a relatively comprehensive bibliography.


Table of contents


I. History of the Procheiros nomos and of researches about it

1. The Byzantine Procheiros nomos: The Slavonic Zakon Gradski (City Law). Translations, editions, and studies of the Procheiros nomos.

2. Main philological issues in the study the Slavonic translation of the Procheiros nomos according to the Ilovitsa copy of 1262: Terms of Roman-Byzantine law; words of foreign origin; synonymy; composita (compounds); some formula and collocations in the juridical discourse; legal subjects; glosses (intertextual and marginal).


II. The Slavonic Medieval text of the Procheiros nomos according to the Ilovitsa copy of 1262

III. Translation into modern Bulgarian of the Procheiros nomos according to the Ilovitsa copy of 1262

Short Glossary of basic words and terms


Publisher Valentin Trayanov
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 346
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9928-84-6
Creation date 2021
Size 16 х 24 cm

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