Books of Prognostication in Old Bulgarian Literature
Гадательные книги в древнеболгарской литературе
Author: Adelina Angusheva-Tihanova
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English and Russian


     The book represents the development, typology, the meaning and function of the Prognostic books in the Medieval Bulgarian literature.

    Prognostic books are heterogeneous group of texts for predicting the future by the help of different natural (physical) and psycho-somatic omens. They appeared in Ancient Babylonian and Egyptian culture. Adopted and elaborated in Greek, Etrurian and Roman world the Prognostic books penetrate the literary production of the Middle Ages. The text are not medieval by origin, they became “medieval” in the process of their spread and copying during this period. 

   Prognostic books are translated from Byzantine Greek into Old Bulgarian no later than the eleventh-twelfth centuries. These translations are spread in the medieval literatures of Russia and Serbia.


Table of contents


I. Традиции в изследването на старославянските гадателни книги

II. Развитие, функциониране и жанров модел на Гадателните книги в системата на старобългарската литература

III. Типология според състава на гадателните книги

IV. Структурни особености на гадателните книги в старобългарската литература

V. Текстът на гадателните книги и неговият смисъл

Текстове на гадателни книги

Заключителни думи

Резюме на руски език

Summary in English


Publisher Vreme
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English and Russian
Pages 184
Illustrations -
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-8568-09-8
Creation date 1996
Size 14 х 22 cm

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