Boyan Manchev. The end of modern art? (Or the future of art)
Краят на съвременното изкуство? (Или бъдещето на изкуството)
Language: Bulgarian; Category: Philosophy


   Is the end of modern art coming? If what we define as "contemporary art" is a historical category, then it has limited historical validity. Are we witnessing the expiration of this validity? What is the historical horizon of contemporary art — and, accordingly, its limit? The book addresses these ultimate questions. It introduces both a historical perspective and a critical, original analytical vision. The author presents and argues  the thesis of radical transformation, of irreversible exhaustion of the driving forces and forms of aesthetic practice, defined as "contemporary art" in the last half century. Critical analysis is based on examples from the field of contemporary art, as well as influential theories in contemporary philosophy, political and economic theory, and art history.


Publisher Meteor
Language Bulgarian
Pages 248
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-7291-26-1
Creation date 248
Size 16 х 24 cm

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