Faith and Cult (Annual of “Ongal” Association, Vol. 15, Year XI, 2017) 
Language: Bulgarian, Macedonian and Russian with summaries in English


     The volume of the Annuals of “Ongal” Association contains materials from the International Scientific Symposium “Faith and Cult”. The main ideological, thematical and semantic core of the Symposium and the Annual is the problem of the origin and evolution of the faith and its materialization by the cult.


Table of contents /summaries/


Veda Slovena

M. Hristozova. Does Veda Slovena Exclusively belong to the Oral Culture of “the Pomaks”? First Steps to a New Hypothesis

P. Bochkov. Juda Fairies in Veda Slovena  Demiurgs and Mediators

Faith and Cult

E. Marushev. Dupnitsa Region’s Part of Rila Mountain

K. Tsonev, I. Borisov. The Results of an Anthropological Expedition in the Region of the Peaks Kalin and Polich, Rila Mountain, 2015

M. Lyubenova. Maintaining Local Memory: the Cult of the Virgin Mary

R. Malchev. The Flower “Petrov Krast” [Peter’s Cross] (Lilium Martagon L.) in the Context of the Cult of St. Ivan of Rila in Samokov Region, Bulgaria

T. Peev. Images of St. Dimitry of Rostov in the Church “Nativity of St. Mary” in Samokov

G. Zahov. Orthodox Churches and Chapels in the Village of Shipochan – Mainstay of Faith and Nationality

K. Rangochev. The Epic Model of the World of Plants (On the Materials of Bulgarian Heroic Epic)

S. Dzhivtereva. Observations on the Chorus of Christmas Carols

T. Ilieva. The Precedent Texts as a Source of Information about the Religious Beliefs of the Bulgarians

T. Kyurkchieva. Dual Characteristics in the Images of Wood Nymphs According to Folk Beliefs

M. Videnova. Contemporary Aspects of Multidisciplinary: Reasons for Psycho-Anthropological Analysis of the Bulgarian Traditional Ritual Complexes of Rusalii and Kaluchar

P. Bankova. Testimony of Baptism

Palaeoslavic Studies

M. Yankova. The Seventh Ecumenical Council and the Bulgarian Medieval Literature

P. Cholakov. The Problem of the Authenticity of the Testament of St. John of Rila (A Review of the Opinions)

M. Abadzhieva. Prerequisites for the Emergence of Literature of Bulgarian Catholics in Modern Language in the XVIII Century. The Catholic Propaganda among Paulicians

I. Rasheva. The Legend of the Bulgaria Baptizing in Our Renaissance Speeches Given on the 11th of May

History and Archaeology

M. Serafimova. Jewelry from Iron Age Necropoleis from the Valley of Bregalnica River and the Lower Reaches of Vardar River in Republic of Macedonia

B. Ruseva. An Addition Towards the Research of the Ubication of Ancient Cities along the Middle Flow of the River Bregalnica

M. Serafimova. Addition to the Study of Late Antiquity Cities along the River Bregalnica

J. Donevski. Four Macedonian Cities in the Area Amfaksitida

T. Nacev, D. Stojanovski. The City of Bargala since VII to XII Century

G. Efremov. Religion of Ancient Macedonia

M. Buchkov. The Roman Conquest of Macedonia

G. Efremov. Slavic Settlement in Macedonia and Siege of Thessaloniki

T. Nacev, D. Veselinov. Defence and Protection of Macedonia from Antiquity to First World War

D. Veselinov. Defensive Measures and Actions in the Vardar Region of Macedonia

O. Cackov. History as a Factor of Cohesion and Respect among Nations  

O. Cackov. Local History Understanding is Irreplaceable Part in the Educational Process of Students

Natural Scientific Section

V. Vlaskov. Prognostication and Character of Temperature Regime in Bulgaria during the Last Two Decades


Вяра и култ. Годишник на Асоциация „Онгъл“, том 15, год. XI, 2017

Publisher ROD
Language Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian with summaries in English
Pages 384
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 1311-493Х
Creation date 2017
Size 14 х 21 cm

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