Image  Myth  Text (Annual of “Ongal” Association, Vol. 14, Year X, 2016) 
Language: Bulgarian, Macedonian and Russian with summaries in English


     The 14th Volume of the Annuary of “Ongal” Association consists of the materials of two scholarly symposia: “Ethnology of the Name” and “Image  Myth  Text”.


Table of contents /summaries/


Kuzman Zhapkarev and Bulgarian Revival

E. Shapkareva-Koleva. Short Eulogy for the Life and Works of Kuzman Shapkarev

K. Mladenova-Ristovska. The Antiquity in Macedonia in the Records of Kuzman Shapkarev

O. Parlicheva. The Cyrillo-Methodian Tradition as a Projection of a Biblical Theme (Based on Materials from the Literary Work of Kuzman Shapkare

I. Rasheva. For the “Speech about St. Cyril and St. Methodius” Given by Kuzman Shapkarev in the City of Kukush on 11th May 1866

K. Rangochev. Folklore and History III: Folklore Models of Succession and Transformation (Based on Kuzman Shapkarev’s Materials from Samokov Region)

I. Gergova. “Knowledge for the People”. Society and History of a Village in Lom District during XIX Century

I. Bratanov. Towards the Question of the Content of Neophite Rilski’s Slavonic Chrestomathy

Anthropology, Ethnology, Folkloristics, Local History and Contemporary Culture

D. Tiholova. Beads in Traditional Bulgarian Culture

T. Mollov. The Two Versions of the Song for the Hero Momchil (Structure and Leading Ideas)

Y. Sivilova. Don’t Leave the Door (The Character of the Stupid Woman in the Anecdotal Tale)

M. Hristozova. Bana Krale and Vodin Junak: A Detailed Interpretation on some Lexical and Poetological Correlations in the Structure of the Song Collection Veda Slovena

T. Dimitrova. “Lost Villages” (On Materials from Kalkovo, Shishmanovo and Pasarel)

G. Zahov. Memory for the Families of the Village Shipochane (Manovi, Markudzhikovi, Zavrakovi)

M. Marinova. The Weddings in the Town of Vratsa in XX Century

R. Malchev. The City Boy on a Village Terrain (Contribution to the Characterization of the Personality of the Recorder of Field Materials)

I. Chekova. Wedding Text (View of Poetics and Symbolics of East Slavic Traditional Wedding Songs and Ritual Formulas)

N. Komelina. Forbidden Songs: Concerning Sociological Study of Urban Folklore in 1920s (Songs Regorded by L. V. Dolmanovsky Stored in the Folklore Collection of Institute of Russian Literature)

D. Dobrevski. Design Products between the Image and the Myth

Palaeoslavic Studies

E. Todorova. Mary or Marin? Transformation and Treatment in Saint Life of Eugenie and His Daughter Maryi, XIV Century

I. Trifonova. Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin, or about a Historical Narrative of Babylonian Captivity in a Serbian Miscellany of XV Century (Translation, Adapted Version of the Text and Vocabulary)

L. Nenova. Manuscript No. 164 from the Library of Zograph Monastery

T. Ilieva. On the Partnership with Devil or the Semantics of the Saying Become the Devil’s Pal until You Pass the Bridge

History and archaeology

M. Serafimova. Neolithic Jewelry in the Republic of Macedonia

M. Misheva. Neolithic Altars in Republic of Macedonia

B. Srceva. The Excarnation in Republic of Macedonia

T. Nacev. Wine Regions in the Province Macedonia Secunda

D. Veselinov. Defense and Protection of Population and Material Goods in the Territory of Macedonia during the Middle Ages

Natural Scientific Section

V. Vlaskov. Features in Climatic Regime of Bulgaria in 2014   


Образ — Мит — Текст. Годишник на Асоциация „Онгъл“, том 14, год. X, 2016

Publisher ROD
Language Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian with summaries in English
Pages 464
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 1311-493Х
Creation date 2016
Size 14 х 21 cm

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