Legends and Truths in Bulgarian History
Легенди и истини в българската история
Language: Bulgarian


   Historians are suspicious of legends. For them they are folklore, which has no scientific value; they are not documents, but folk creations. No serious study can be built on legend; legend, however, is in the antechamber of truth. The word comes from the Latin legere, "to read," with the intrinsic meaning "that which is worthy to be read." Few specialists read, more are laymen. They believe the legends and unlock the secrets of history; sometimes they make remarkable discoveries. The case of Heinrich Schliemann is classic. The amateur archaeologist sets out on the trail of Homer's Iliad, which is in the space of legends. He excavated the Hisarlak on the coast of Asia Minor and Mycenae on the Peloponnese. The treasure of Priam and the mask of Agamemnon come to light. The two finds are not from the Trojan War era, but enter the golden fund of world archaeology. How is it in our country? The answer is given by the monograph "Legends and Truths in Bulgarian History".


Publisher East–West Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 336
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-01-1175-7
Creation date 2023
Size 14 х 21 cm

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