Ivan Marazov. The mythical Bestiary
Category: Cultural Studies; Ancient Art; toreutics
Original title: 
Митичният Бестиарий
Language: Bulgarian


   "Fantastic" animals in the mythology of ancient peoples are always hybrids: as a behavior these animals are representatives of anti-culture. They inhabit the outskirts of the world: water basin, beach, mountain, forest and appear during certain periods: dirty days, nights, holidays; they are guardians of spatial and temporal boundaries which constantly seek to violate.

   The book presents two monuments of ancient toreutics: the golden Scythian applique from Vettersfelde, shaped like a hybrid fish and the silver rhyton from the Vasil Bozhkov collection with a protome of a centaur, whose face undoubtedly has the features of Alexander the Great. The analysis draws comparative material from both written sources and iconography, which not only dates and attributes the form and style, but also reveals the symbolism of the images and scenes depicted on them.


Table of contents




1. Семантика на образа на рибата

2. Семантика на хибридните елементи

3. Космограмата

4. Морският старец, Оанес и Тагимасад

5. Богинята на Низа

6. Потапяне  изплуване

7. Огън във водите

8. Огнено раждане

9. Водните чудовища

10. Скандинавският Ньордр и скитският Тагимасад

11. Тагимасад и конете

12. Тагимасад  царски бог на скитите

13. Ахил, господарят на Скития



Кентавърът Александър

1. Стилът на изображенията

2. Иконография на изобразителния текст

3. Място на производство и датировка на ритона

4. Семантика на изобразителния текст



Publisher Zahari Stoyanov Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 282
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-09-1625-5
Creation date 2022
Size 24 х 28 cm

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