Sándor Berecki (ed.). Iron Age Crafts and Craftsmen in the Carpathian Basin. Proceedings of the International Colloquium Ffrom Târgu Mureş 1013 October 2013 (Bibliotheca Mvsei Marisiensis. Series Archaeologica VII)


Table of contents

J. Megaw. Preface. Proceedings of the Sixth International Colloquium held at Târgu Mureş

N. Ginoux, D. Robcis, M. Leroux, F. Dussere. Metal Craft and Warrior Elites in the Third Century BC: New Sights from the Carpathian Basin to Gaul

T. Bader. Nachbau des Wagens aus dem Fürstengrab von Hochdorf, Deutschland

M. Rudnicki. Nowa Cerekwia. A Celtic Centre for Craft and Commerce of Interregional Importance North of the Carpathians

P. Ramsl. La Tène Period Craftsmanship in Eastern Austria

I. Drnić, A. Franjić. pXRF Analysis of South Pannonian Late Iron Age Silver Artefacts

M. Dizdar. Bronze Fibulae with Enamel Inlay from Scordiscan Sites

C. Gáti. On the Crossroads of Cultures. Cultural and Trade Connections of the Site of Szajk in South Transdanubia in the Sixth
Fourth Centuries BC

Z. Czajlik. Traces of Prehistoric Smelting Workshops in the Carpathian Basin

K. Tankó. Traces of Iron Smelting in La Tène Iron Age Settlement at Ménfőcsanak

A. Horváth. A Decorated La Tène Sword from the Budapest–Csepel Island

K. Almássy, H. Pop. Remains of a Pottery Workshop (?) from the Upper Tisza Region

M. Furman. A Central European Form of La Tène Ornament: Rings with Three and Four Large Hollow Knobs from Slovakia

G. Březinová. La Tène Bone and Antler Artefacts from Nitra

J. Németi. Pottery Production during the Late Iron Age in North-Western Romania

H. Pop. The Metal Smiths’ Settlement at Şimleu Silvaniei–Uliul cel Mic

C. Beldiman. D. Vaida, D. Sztancs. C. Pavel. F. Constantin. Composite Artefact Discovered in the Celtic Cemetery of Fântânele–La Gâţa (Bistriţa-Năsăud County). Data on Use-Wear Analysis and X-Ray Computed Tomography

M. Egri. Desirable Goods in the Late Iron Age – The Craftsman’s Perspective

A. Rustoiu, S. Berecki. Celtic Elites and Craftsmen: Mobility and Technological Transfer during the Late Iron Age in the Eastern and South-Eastern Carpathian Basin

I. Ferencz, D. Vaida. Craftsmanship and Crafts in the Transylvanian Celtic Horizon

M. Ljuština, M. Spasić. Scordiscan Potters in Action: A Late Iron Age Pottery Kiln from Karaburma

V. Filipović, M. Tapavički. Craftsmen in the Celtic Cemetery of Karaburma, Belgrade

A. Drăgan. Production and Circulation of La Tène Painted Pottery North of the Lower Danube

J. Bouzek. Hook, Lock, Furnace Rake or a Damaged Sickle for Harvesting Olives? 


Publisher Editura Mega
Language English, German
Pages 328
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-606-543-533-9
Creation date 2014
Size 21 х 29 cm

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