Archaeologia bulgarica 2017/1. In English


Table of contents


Zh. Vasileva. The Early Bronze Age Rings оf Type Leukas  New Considerations Regarding Their Origin, Distribution and Function

N. Sharankov. A Verse Epitaph and Other Unpublished Inscriptions from Heraclea Sintica

E. Nikolić, B. Milovanović, A. Raičković Savić. Contribution to the Study of Roman Architecture in Viminacium: Research of Thermae Masonry Techniques

M. Inkova. A Tenth Century Gold Pendant from the Inner City of Pliska

S. Docheva, I. Penev, G. Tsekova, E. Furu, Z. Szikszai, I. Uzonyi. Elemental Composition of Artefacts Found at the 10th Century Decorative Metalwork Centre near Nadarevo, Region of Targovishte, Bulgaria


Florian Klimscha. Pietrele 1; Beile und Axte aus Stein: Distinktion und Kommunikation wahrend der Kupferzeit im ostlichen Balkangebiet (= Archaologie in Eurasien 34). Deutsches Archaologisches Institut, 2016, XVI + 382 pp. (Antonović, D.)

Nathan Badoud. Le temps de Rhodes. Une chronologie des inscriptions de la cite fondee sur l’etude de ses institutions (= Vestigia, Beitrage zur alten Geschichte, Band 63). Munchen, Verlag C. H. Beck, 2015, XVIII + 542 pp. (Damyanov, M.)

Археология булгарика 2017/1

Publisher NOUS
Language English with summaries in Bulgarian
Pages 98
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1310-9537
Creation date 2017
Size 20 x 28 cm

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