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B. Todorov, V. Mihaylova, D. Gergova, I. Kuleff. The Results of XRF Analysis of the Early Hellenistic Gold Treasure from the Royal Necropolis of Dausdava/Helis (NE Bulgaria)

S. Mustaţă, I. Ferencz. The Roman Bronze Vessels from the Dacian Fortress at Ardeu (Hunedoara County, Romania)

N. Sharankov. An Overlooked Inscription of Ala I Atectorigiana from Appiaria

T. Chobanov. Some Metric Observations of the St. Sophia Church in Sofia

F. Curta. Shedding Light on a Murky Matter: Remarks on 6th to Early 7th Century Clay Lamps in the Balkans

Археология булгарика 2016/3

Publisher NOUS
Language English
Pages 118
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1310-9537
Creation date 2016
Size 21 x 29 cm

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