Contributions to the studies of the Thracian anepigraphic silver coins with images of silenus and nymph from the second half of the 6th century BC to the middle of the 5th century BC
Author: Stavri Topalov. Language: Bulgarian.


     On the basis of new numismatic materials the author analyses the anepigraphic coins with images of silenus and nymph and centaurs and nymphs minted in the second half of 6th century BC and at the beginning of 5th century BC. It is assumed that these coins were minted in Thasos or other Greek towns on the Thracian coast although only several dozens of them had been found over the territory of today’s Greece. On the basis of their concentration in the territories inhabited by the Odryssians along the upper and middle courses of the rivers Maritza and Toundzha, the author expresses the opinion that the coins of the type silenus and nymph“ belong to the early Thracian tribal minting, most probably the Odryssian minting and certainly to the minting of the early Odryssian kings.

    Coins of the type „dancing silenus and nymph/silenus chasing a nymph / concave square divided into four triangles by two diagonals“ and „centaur embracing a nymph / concave square consisting of sectors of four small squares“ minted in the same period of time are commented as well. On the basis of the comparison between the main images of coins minted by the Greek towns on the Thracian coast and the coins with images of silenuses and nymphs and centaurs and nymphs the author considers that the coins with these main images belong to the early Thracian tribal coinage and not to the early Greek urban coinage. 

Приноси към проучванията на тракийските анепиграфни сребърни монети, имащи изображения на силени и нимфи от втората половина на VI до средата на V в. пр. н.е.

Publisher Mind Print
Language Bulgarian
Pages 104
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-92873-0-1
Creation date 2015
Size 14 х 22 cm

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